Friday, January 22, 2010


Madrona is the Seattle neighborhood where Sara and I rent our mother-in-law apartment and it is a nice, quiet place to live. Since moving to Madrona in June 2009, we have taken time to explore the parks, stare at the beautiful (but very expensive) homes, and patronize the local businesses on 34th Avenue. For us, the location is perfect. A short bus ride on the #2 brings us to downtown Seattle and a 1/2 mile walk brings us to the shores of Lake Washington. In less than 10 minutes we can be on I-90 driving towards Mercer Island and our favorite dog park or towards Snoqualmie Pass to hike and ski. A few days per week we run from our front door along Lake Washington, to the Arboretum, or along the many quiet and friendly streets. Props for Madrona in maintaining a few trails in the Madrona Woods, a park sandwiched between Lake Washington and the residential portion of Madrona.

The Hi Spot Cafe quickly became our favorite breakfast restaurant in town. Sara likes the Sammy Sue egg sandwich and I always enjoy the omelets. For a great cup of coffee, I look no further than Verite Coffee, where the black coffee is dark and whose Baristas still know how to make a delicious latte (versus some of the big chains, who don't use whole milk and have turned making coffee into a production line). The Madrona Ale House serves up decent, and often local, beers.

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